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Friday, 30 August 2013

Make Your Own P.V.C Guitar Stand !

I am not a pro Guitarist but i like to mess around with the guitar now and then. I had no place to put the Guitar , The wall wasn't a choice, because of my neighbors kids, plus the risk of  it falling down. So i had some PVC pipes laying around the house so used it to make a Guitar stand. This is actually pretty easy. By seeing the photo itself you can understand the Design and make it On Your Own. Which is the whole point of this Blog any way...

Things You Need :
• Pvc Pipes 
• 8 Pvc U joints
• 6 Pvc T joints
• 4 Pvc End Caps
• Strong Pvc adhesive or glue 
• Paint (non mandatory)
• Cushion Materials (non mandatory)
• Saw
• Any material to Customize it with.


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